Saddled with administrative tasks so consuming that they relegate client face time to just 20% of an Advisor’s time, wealth management is in urgent need of the kind of digital transformation that has revitalised customer experiences across other industries. id4 offers the perfect answer with its award-winning, cloud-based Customer Lifecyle Management solution.

As clients have had other aspects of their lives digitised, so goes the expectation for their onboarding experience. Today’s client demands a combination of facetime with their Advisor alongside a high quality digital experience. From prospecting to re-engagement, id4’s Customer Lifecycle Management solution installs streamlined, frictionless, digital processes in place of the unwieldy, time-consuming, error-prone manual processes of before.

id4’s Customer Lifecycle Management system can simplify and replace disparate technologies and hybrid, disjointed processes with a digital experience consistent across all customer facing channels and powered by a seamless, always-on, 360-degree view of each client.

As investors get younger, delivering a streamlined client journey has become the key differentiator. Still, the capacity to offer fast, frictionless onboarding, and beyond, eludes most firms. Burdened by frequent requests for more information, entrenched manual processes tied to disjointed legacy systems create maddening inefficiencies that mar the client experience.

By enabling fast, frictionless processes designed to anticipate client preferences, id4’s Customer Lifecycle Management solution is the answer to today’s challenges. id4’s fully customisable service offers all the features of our ID & Verification, Customer Due Diligence, AML and Client Space solutions with the added optional functionality of :

  • – Client onboarding process
  • – Periodical event driven KYC review
  • – Change of circumstance process
  • – Recertification remediation process
    – Off-boarding process
  • – Cross-border & product suitability
  • – Travel approval
  • – Dashboard & SLA
  • – Suspicious Activity Report (SAR)
  • – On premises hosting


It’s that simple.

id4 is the RegTech solution that saves client facing advisors time and money, helping financial services businesses of all sizes to scale effectively.

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